442 Restification Progress:
Last update: 6/3/2007

Things are starting to happen fast, and Jason now has a fast Internet connection and he is able to send photos more often. Below is the correspondence that has been going on between us and associated photos of the progress. Currently, the plan is to do the edging and interior pieces at Jason's home shop, but when the time comes for the exterior paint he is taking the car to his work and doing it in the high-end paint booth. It will be painted and baked, then taken back to Jason's shop to be put back together. :-)


Now the real fun starts and the moment we've all be waiting for....a little bit of paint. The first couple pictures show the header panel repair; this procedure began by grinding into the crack and creating a beveled edge which was covered with a two part plastic repair epoxy designed to work with the material the header is made of. Once that was applied layers of fiberglass mesh reinforcement were laid in place to help strengthen the repair. Next began the itchy process of carefully grinding the material to shape, a final coat of the repair adhesive was then applied which was then sanded to shape once dry. The outside of the panel was treated to a finishing material, sanded smooth, the whole panel sanded carefully with 220 grit, scuffed, masked and primed. The top pictures show the front end sheet metal which yes, after many hours of making sure everything fit just so was removed one last time to be "edged". Everything including the back side of the header was scuffed, degreased, sealed with a corrosion protective primer which was followed by a coat of GM WA848 black just like from the factory. I then went the extra step and applied a coat of clear to it all, a step not taken by the factory but should have been. Once the clear is dry the parts will be reinThe coat of clear, while not factory correct will allow me to keep the engine compartment a little cleaner. This car is being built to be driven.

April 18th, 2007

I had a chance to visit the car for a second time on April 18th, 2007. Below are some photos from that visit. The first picture has a rare photo of Jason. As you can see, it appears that quite a bit of work is left. Jason assures me that it is downhill from here. He is reattaching body panels in order to align them. The dash pictures still give me the creeps. The inner fenders, core support and fenders are bolted on and ready to be adjusted. The engine compartment, while dusty, is nicely detailed. The doors are lined up and look great. I was able to take a couple of shots of his S10 Pickup which is another of his projects. The last few pictures show the inside of the hood. With the flash off the camera you can really see the shine of new paint with a coat of clear. If the rest of the car comes out looking like the hood, it will be one of the nicest Olds' out there.

May 2nd, 2007

Here are the most up to date pictures of your car. I at least labeled them so its easier to figure out. The doors were first guide coated (a thin mist of paint over-spray to make it visually easier to see what you are sanding) then sanded with 150 grit paper dry. Then they were re-guide coated and final sanded with 220 grit. The insides were masked and three more coats of primer... Just think, the next time these doors see a spray gun it will be silver-black-clear!! I managed to snap a few good shots while the primer was good and wet check out the reflection. It is flawless. 


May 12th, 2007

Here are the latest and greatest photos of what is going on with your Olds. The door jambs were sanded, masked and seam sealed which once dry was followed by a coat of seal primer and finally your favorite shade of black was applied via my spray-gun and topped with a nice shiny protective coat of clear. The trunk lid received the same treatment after all of the old caulk was removed from the edges, the whole inside surface sanded thoroughly, etch primed and seam sealed all looks factory fresh. After I talked to you I tried to take a picture of the stickers we discussed but was unable to get a clear shot so I did one better, using a heat gun I was able to remove both stickers unharmed and completely intact which I can mail to you if need be. Enjoy the pictures!


May 20th, 2007

Mark, a few more pictures of the Olds here. At this point the whole entire body has been sanded first with 150 grit followed by 220 grit paper. This process will correct even the slightest ripples and made all of the bodylines true (my arms feel like rubber now) and then one final coat of primer was applied... a whole gallon to be exact. This will then be sanded with 600 grit and ready for paint. We are so close I can smell it!!!


May 27th, 2007

Jason just sent a quick message from his camera phone saying simply "More shiny black paint!!"


May 30th, 2007

Jason dashed off a couple of quick camera-phone pictures to show the car has been put back together. The doors, trunk and deck lid have been lined up and are back on the car and won't have to be taken off anymore. Things are happening fast. The last of the parts ordered for the car have arrived and will be getting shipped off so that we can get it to the paint booth.

June 18th, 2007

Paint that people will actually see! Jason painted the bumper covers and the bumpers this past week. After completing them, he hung the rear bumper cover on the bumper to get an idea of how it is going to look. Looks sweet to me. Paint for the rest of the car will begin soon.

June 22, 2007

Significant progress! The 442 is once again under its own power! The dash has (finally!) been put back in and all the necessary wiring has been routed and it fired up with no problems after over 1.5 years of inactivity. The bumper covers and bumpers have been redone and are waiting final installation. The mirrors were completely disassembled, painted and then reassembled. The only thing(s) that haven't been painted yet are the quarter extensions and the gas cap panel. Oh, and the rest of the car. Everything else that could be taken off has been already been painted and clear-coated. Next week, the car is going be loaded onto a trailer and taken to the dealership paint booth to insure a perfect job. Then it's just the small job of putting back it all back together. ;-)

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